Saturday, June 07, 2008

Smells Like Steak

Right now it's early morning at the Ogallala Nebraska hotel I'm staying at. I could smell steak the whole time I was here, because the hotel is between two steakhouses and a truckstop steak place. We got a steak at some kind of cheesy tourist restaurant- The Golden Spur. The food was really pretty good, but the service was awful. We sat next to three Parisians who were making fun of how fat all the waitresses were. They were also explaining, in great detail, what the cuts of meat on the menu meant. They seemed to think it was really cool to throw peanut shells on the floor.
Nebraska was a boring, boring drive. Nothing but flooded fields as far as we could see until just the last little shred of our trip.
St. Louis was terrifying to drive through- in the middle of the white knuckle death ride we were taking through town(St. Louis has exits and merging on BOTH sides of the road) they have a full motion billboard showing...a girl eating a sandwich. 50 feet of enjoying a sandwich.
I'm looking forward to some of today's drive, because Google Earth shows us going into some more interesting geography. Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska were so boring.
I can't wait to upload the picture I got of yesterday's hotel. Their were a couple of cars on bricks outside of it that looked like they had been their since the 60s.

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