Tuesday, January 22, 2008

eee pc!

this is my first blog from my brand new 2g asus eee pc. really hard to get use to, so far. the keys are so tiny... but the thing is just so darned cute!
I have the green one. Next month, i'm planning on picking up a good sized SDHC card for the unit. This might be a great chance to pick up and try a couple little linux sound programs.
Speaking of which, this is my first time using linux, and I think I love it.
Not much time for music lately- student teaching and work combined are rapidly approaching 70 hours a week.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Student Teaching "experience" begins THIS WEEK!

I just got a letter today from my department that I should have gotten weeks ago thats telling me to contact my teacher and principal "immediately" to begin volunteer experience on the 3rd. Somehow I'm supposed to have them type up a letter giving me permission to show up and "volunteer" and build up some sick days. All this is, of course, not going to happen in the two days I have between now and the 14th.
Awesome, thanks again MTSU.
I thought I was an exception because of that call I got a couple weeks back saying "oh HAI, u kno u needz 8 class to graduate, RAIT?" (turns out none of the substitutions that I've filed a bajillion times have even been processed)
Have I explained this here before, because I forget. I've gone through this so many times now I can't even keep track of what the latest fiasco is with them. It's not that the individuals I'm dealing with are inept- most of them aren't. What I'm dealing with "institutional incompetence." That's the business management class way of saying that the whole place should be bulldozed, the rubble burnt and plowed under, and something more useful built in its place. Something like, say, and applebee's, a chili's, and a wal-mart. Then the 10 acres of swampland we now know as MTSU would completely blend in with the rest of Murfreesboro.
When I think about MTSU, this unknown singer's version of Helter Skelter is describing exactly how I feel, but with too much feeling to describe how I feel about it:
Helter Skelter

I am so, so, so sick of MTSU. I am not walking the line, I am snatching the diploma out of record's hand as soon as I see it, making a copy, and putting the original in a fireproof safe. I'm out of energy to hate the place, and I'm over this. Just give me my diploma, and leave me alone. I want to forget that south Nashville ever happened to me. I wish I could just hibernate now and wake up when all this is over.

Oh yes, and this last week we got the scare of our lives when something in the attack starting loudly chewing down through the ceiling into our living room. Pest guy says it was a squirrel. Hope so!