Thursday, July 20, 2006

This is so hot.

I mean everything about this. The wardrobe, the choreography, the set design, the way the drums are recorded, the batman camera angles at the all adds up to probably the greatest musical ever.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back from Vacation

So I'm back after a week on St. George Island, Florida. Its a great, uncrowded, affordable vacation if you are interested in the beach, wildlife, and fresh seafood. Its really unlike a lot of people's florida vacations, because the town is still a real community.

While I was there I saw "Pirates of the Carribean" (WE HAD KIDS ALONG OK I AM HIPPER THAN THAT) in a single screen movie theater with a behringer stereo PA and plastic chairs on a concrete slab in a historical theater (that happens to be the only theater for miles and miles.)

Most interesting in every trip to the beach is the drive through Alabama. It was on a drive on interstate 231 just past montgomery Alabama that I learned what America really is, and I got the idea for deltasleep as it exists now. Its that dusty color of the roads, that unbelievable level of decay that you see in Alabama that inspired the degenerate Americana approach to music I now have. The empty billboards, the empty strip malls, the rest stops with no running water, the gas stations with signs that say "BOILED PNUTS WE TAKE FOODSTAMPS." The cypress swamps, the litter everywhere. And the unbelievable number of them that show serious literacy issues... Its like Alabama is the worst post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie ever. Except Alabama is real. So are Mississippi and Louisiana.
The places are so full of sad faced people, all I see are looks of dread everywhere I go. And the trailers! Church trailers, water department trailers, strip club trailers, hotel trailers, trailers welded together, trailers under carport roofs, city hall trailers, and mostly crappy slum trailers with 4 cars, at least 3 grills, and bud light bottles everywhere. And not a lawnmower in sight. It's just really amazing to me that such a large portion of the country is so damned ugly and unkept. I would have a ton of pictures of it, but I had to drive and my wife can't figure out why anybody would want to see the stuff I usually take pictures of. Of course, thats exactly WHY I want to take pictures of it.
Here's your rescued obscure audio for the moment. This is a portion of a demo cassette produced at a friend of the family's small demo studio on the north side of nashville. This guy goes by Hank Conway. The tape is labelled "Hank's Still Alive." I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I think it only reiterates all the points I'm trying to make with this entry.
Hank Conway- Hank's Still Alive

Thursday, July 06, 2006

now presenting

Well, I have a design team nearly up and running- yes thats right a design team. The internet is a great thing...I ask around for some help online, and I can't afford to pay anybody, I was just hoping that they could use it in their portfolio as a low hassle way to boost it. So yeah now I have 7-8 graphic designers in my email who want to do it. Also, yesterday I purchased the domain "" because I needed something for the CD and possibly for a run of cheap stickers. For now(until I get a proper website/hosting up) the domain is simply linked to this site. Things are coming together, but getting a half decent promotional machine up and running is way way more work than I thought it would be.