Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanks + Bhangra Mix

I just wanted to send a great big thanks out to the community here for supporting my record, Sound that Can Kill or Cure.
I released on CDR, and I can't recommend that format enough. I only sold 19 copies of my record- some of that was probably BECAUSE I was using CDR, but I doubt that it was enough that I wouldn't have been royally screwed by a CD duplicator. I also sold one download for $6.
My CD is $12, and so far it looks like about $3 of that is going to postage, ink, and blank media. Not a bad shake for something I was gonna do anyways. Shipping through the USPS is so cheap on something like a CD that I just built that into the cost of the CD, and I've not been burnt on that yet.
The vast majority of my sales went to people I already knew, and most of them occurred within a week of my "releasing" the record.
I know a lot of you are contemplating releases all the time, so I thought this data might be interesting to you. I always wondered how many records you sold when you bought ads on em411 and/or tried out labels and things.
The record/download is still for sale, and occasionally one will just trickle in, which is a good way to make my day!
At the top of the post, in the DivShare player today is a 30minute mix of Bhangra I made, because I've promised a friend I would do so for about 3 years now.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Best Buck Rogers Scene of All Time

I used to love this horrible show, and I watched a ton of reruns of it on the sci-fi channel before school as a kid. Now that I go back, I realize that I should have been watching the far superior Space: 1999.
Stu Phillips did the soundtrack to this, by the way.

I've been laying pretty low for a couple weeks now, fighting off some kind of bug and wrapping up my final semester of classes- teaching a lot of social studies and a little reading.