Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Year,

Started school this week at MTSU. It's my final semester of university classes before I commit the financial martyrdom that is "student teaching."
This campus is an absolute disaster, and it's gotten markedly worse each semester I attend. Tuition goes up, quality goes down, even the basics are screwed up. Parking becomes more difficult, and I'm starting to see regular road rage outburst behavior in the parking lots. This university is an absolute nightmare- don't go here, if you value your education, or you feel like being treated like a human being.
My schedule is horrible, I have a huge break in the middle of it. That means I'm here all day just for 2 classes.
The big bummer is not having ANY time for music now. I've become conditioned to working in privacy for hours on end, and thats a little difficult to work out with somebody else in the house who is completely annoyed by the sound of my working on music. I'm guessing I now probably have about 4 hrs a week in the early morning or late night to work with headphones on.
This is horrible, I have no idea what I'm going to do to make time alone to work on music. No idea.