Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

I just finished a paper plate dinner on my front porch. I can mooch wifi from a neighbor, but only from the front porch of my house. This time of year the weather is so miserable here that you can only be even reasonably comfortable at night- I'm still a sweaty mess from the humidity-it's 85 at night!
We are pretty sure we have crossed every t and dotted every lower case j on our current place- and I've requested a pickup of the two storage containers that have dominated the view from my front window for a day and a half now. I cannot believe how much junk we have- if I ever make a move like this again, I will sell every last thing I own.
I landed a job- tolerable pay and it actually sounds like fun. It involves working with technology creatively with kids, a perfect match for me. I'm surprised anybody hires on a phone interview, but then years of telephone diplomacy for UPS have honed my phone skills.
We're consistently surprised with how casual and relaxed everyone is that we talk to on the phone. I really feel comfortable being myself around people from outside the south and I forget that sometimes. Victoria has two interviews scheduled already- I think she's a shoe-in for either job.
I just heard what sounded like a horrible motor cycle crash in the far distance on the highway.

So tomorrow morning I will drag my tightly wound apartment manager through the place and give her the keys. We'll hit the road with some cash and with any luck we'll be in town by the 9th or 10th of June.
Can't wait to see what happens! Now I have to get back to scraping up the last remaining tasks on this apartment. I was not entirely honest when I said we had dotted the lower case j's.

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