Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day 2: Western Nebraska through Wyoming and Utah to Idaho.

Yesterday was amazing. Nebraska was so very boring, but it was like the instant we crossed into Wyoming things got really interesting. Snow capped mountains and enormous wind turbines. Saw a TON of Antelope, birds of prey, and prairie dogs. We didn't realize how cold it was until we hopped out at a rest stop wearing sandals and t shirts. Wyoming is the neo-nazi capital of America, too. Every single bathroom had nazi graffiti, I saw nazi tattoos, nazi bumper stickers, even a nazi biker gang.
Then we got into Utah, and it was the most beautiful place we'd ever seen. All in all it was an amazing day until the very end. We got tired at about 8- the usual time, and we decided to find a hotel. We drove almost 200 miles until we found one. So right now we're in Heyburn Idaho, and I anticipate us getting to our destination by tonight! Can't believe there's only 12 more hours left!
Can't believe I'd ever be excited that my car trip only had 12 hours MORE to go.
Took a lot of pictures today, I'll upload some tonight or tomorrow.

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