Friday, June 13, 2008

It's So Beautiful Here

Took a walk today at Scenic Beach Park in Seabeck. We were amazed at the drive there and back- the clouds cleared up at we came over a big hill and we realized that mountains had been there all the time. It was about 65 at 4:00. No rain today, either!
Every last little space is full off moss. According to a sign by the beach, this park is home to octopi, oysters, a lot of unique crabs, and whales. I didn't see any of them though. The woods are new-growth green, and full of tropical looking purple, fuscia, and orange flowers. I ate a couple salmon berries that were growing near the path- the bushes don't even have thorns! A lot of the trees go hundreds of feet high, and are coated with mosses all the way up. These woods are going to be SO full of fungi in the fall. All the fallen trees, silt, loam, and moisture will be the perfect environment.
It's so strange being in a forest where I can't identify even a single plant. I'm not just in a new ecosystem- I'm in a new biome.
I can't wait to see what I can grow in my yard, and I look forward to being able to afford some plants to play with. The new house won't have a lot of yard, but it'll have enough space to play with a little.

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