Monday, June 30, 2008

Almost Settled In.

So, this weekend it got hot. I went to turn up the AC, and I found it was not working. We thought for SURE that this house had AC, since the thermostat had a switch for it. Well, before I made my angry "the AC is broken and my house is 85" call to the property managers, I went downstairs. Where I found that the copper tubing that should go to an AC unit instead ends welded shut about 3 inches down.
So it was 90 outside all weekend and we have a house with no AC. We went to Wal-Mart to grab some fans, and we find everybody else in town is doing the same thing. Apparently air conditioning is not a real common feature in housing here, so we didn't get totally duped by an owner, we just should have known that most houses don't have it. So I'm assuming that it doesn't get this hot very often.
I got another flickr account, so to keep up with photos I'm taking you can use this link:
Catchy URL, I know.
We got a ton more stuff out of boxes this weekend, namely the LP collection, but it's hard to want to do anything in weather like this. The basement is really nice, so we moved a lot of stuff out of the sweltering and now unusable upstairs and down there. My new job is a blast, and I look forward to it most days.

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