Friday, August 01, 2008

Most Wonderful Summer Weather Keeps Me from Working on Music or Blogging

I know I've been a little absentee lately, but the weather has been so amazing that I have to be outside any chance I get. The woods right now are full of wild salal, red huckleberries, black berries, marionberrys, rasberries, and oregon-grapes. The stuff absolutely carpets the forest floor. I found at least a full acre of salal, and the blackberries grow so aggresively that the state has a hard time keeping them off the interstate. I grabbed mine from a school parking lot. They're not quite in yet, but the sunnyside edges are starting to be ready. I also found the awesome diner that the crazy lady down the road told me about when we moved in. It's called "Hi-Lo's 15th Street Diner." She's just kind of slow and told us it was on 13th street. Apparently they make their biscuits in a waffle iron and it's a real walk in and choose your own mug kinda place. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks great! It's right next door to what is easily the best bakery I've ever eaten from: Luigi's Baking. It's a really, really simple place on the good side of a lousy block. Victoria walked in to get bread from the place and realized they don't take debit. They told her to just take it and come by and pay "one of these days." Everything we have thus far eaten is unbelievable, with a fantastic just barely burnt but moist taste. Far and away the best bread I've ever had- Europe included. I consider myself a pretty harsh bread critic- I had actually given up on bread because I'd rather not eat it than eat grocery store bread. But seriously, this is some genius bread.
We got it at the Bremerton farmer's market first, same night we got fresh marionberries and rasberries, black kale, baby yukon golds, fresh beets, dahlias, summer squash, and carrots. Luigi's apprentice actually gave us a flower sack that he had made into a grocery bag.
Also discovered a great beer: Buffalo Bill's Orange Blossom Ale. It's a strange and delicious orange blossom wheat ale. All the things I like about a Hefeweizen with orange, but with a little floral note. Citrus flavors don't mix well when bottled with beer, so this is a rare find, in my opinion. Really nice orange bitterness. Great summer beer, I think it's a seasonal west coast beer. And it's dirt cheap here.
So yeah, I've been busy here. I love it, I feel like every day is an adventure full of wild bounty, beautiful scenery, amazing food, and bald eagles. I'm most impressed that none of the things I'm most enjoying aren't costing me much money. Once we get stabilized financially and can start paying down our debts, I think I'll be permanently hooked here. Once I get some free time, I can't wait to get back to music. And the can't wait feeling is always good for music!

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