Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've been on the market for a stereo since I've moved. I've finally got the space to get a big deafening stereo. I had been thinking I wanted to put together a silver era 70s stereo of stuff like marantz/mcintosh/pioneer/sansui equipment, and then this stereo fell into my lap. Feast your eyes on the totally awesome KLH Model 20+.

(this is not my picture- mine is dirtier and has one cabinet sanded down right now) Apparently in the 1960's, KLH was a boutique brand. They have since, of course, been reduced to the ultimate humiliation of being sold by radio shack.
Anyways, it was not working when I picked it up. So I paid $20 for it. It will need a cartridge, new grills at some point, and the solid walnut cabinets will be refinished once I have the money to buy the tools I need.
The only real problem was with the speaker connections flaking out, but that's an easy fix. Worst case scenario is that I have 3 of the coolest end tables you've ever seen.
Until then, the radio sounds so good on this that I actually sat down and listened to it this morning. The radio!
I also grabbed a Tourney 10 speed at the same house that just happened to also be on craigslist, for $15. Just an older Sears bike, but with a rack and a little better knowledge of the city I live in, it'll be my new best friend. It's obviously not been used a lot, as the owner had a kryptonite lock on it and lost the key. So now I have the job of trying to dremel or saw or whatever through a cable.

I knew I was in the right place when the lady selling the stereo says to me "you don't do transfer of LPs to CD or mp3 do you?" and I kind of sheepishly said yeah I guess. So she comes downstairs with a copy of "Soul Flutes: Trust in Me"
I had to do that record for free, it was her favorite record and I knew I'd enjoy it. Turns out its a real greasy piece of soft psych light jazz with herbie mann (or hubert laws,CTI doesn't know?!) and I've got tons of stuff to recommend.
I can tell that the area is going to be a great one to watch craigslist for. It's got a long history of wealthy old people with expensive taste, so these garages are just teeming with this kind of thing!

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