Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Just Going to DO IT!

After much deliberating and wimping around worrying about things, we've decided not to be cowards, and just to move out West. Kitsap County Washington, to be exact. For less than the price of a house in the Nashville area, we can rent one with a bay or lake view in Bremerton or Port Orchard. Jobs pay better, the food is better, the politics are better, the schools are better, and hopefully from there we can make a better decision about whether to move to Seattle or Portland.
Map of Our Trip
Our trip will lead us through: Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington. I'm allowing 4 days for the trip by car, 5-6 if by van. I'm budgeting about $1100 for gas alone. By my estimate, to stay entertained the entire time I will need to burn about 36-40 CDs, haha.
So, in about 30-40 days, I need to:
paint 2 rooms back to boring, flat white.
Get a binding quote on moving 1100 sq ft of junk.
notify my old job- I'll actually miss those people the most.
notify Los Cuates that this will be my last order or Tacos de Asada.
do some phone work on getting a new rental property
fill out every public school system in the area's application(which are all crappy, and all different)
complete my application for a WA teacher's license
throw away the junk I don't want
collect tons and tons of boxes and packing material
buy long range walkie-talkies
buy a second GPS
get a credit card(groan)
fill out the paperwork and begin fighting with my landlords about what I owe them.
clean our townhome from top to bottom
find some way to effectively store and move about 400-500 LPs and 100 45s.
Consider whether to sell my truck or drive it all the way across the country. (gas mileage calculations and the gas cost weighed against the value of the vehicle)
Turn off the cable, power, water, YMCA, and hopefully get out of a couple of lousy cell phone contracts.


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