Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Am Not Dead.

For the three of you out there who may still pay attention, I have not died. I am in the middle of a busy semester of my senior year at MTSU. I really, really do not enjoy my classes, and they are sucking up all my time with stupid, silly, pointless busy work. My wife has been out of work for about 3 weeks, which means I have had no time to myself for music in almost a month now. I'm not dead, but I might be going crazy.
I can't work on music with somebody over my shoulder, or even in the house. Not that I've been a fountain of good ideas or anything- I don't think I've been able to come up with anything decent in 6 months. Its a depressing creative drought, but I've been getting a lot better at technical skills. I've been building a large sample library and listening to a ton of music.
I've almost got another mix ready, this time on a very specific theme: space race related records. A lot of crazy children's records and general cold war anxiety. Should be really fun. Going to the moon was such a big deal, and there were so many records about it.
Anyways, I just wanted to tell you all to hang in there.

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mechp said...

David, I know how you feel man. School has been having the same effect on my musical output. We should talk about old records or something. I love your mixes and have a soul mix I ripped from my vinyl collection about 3 months ago that I meant to put on the intreweb, but never did.

Have you ever checked out any Lee Hazelwood? I think you'd really like his stuff if you haven't heard it. He produced Nancy Sinatra's Boots album, among a ton of other stuff. I'll rip a 45 of his I have this weekend for you if I get the time.


p.s. I lurk here. Glad you're not dead!