Friday, November 17, 2006

45s I Have Loved

Since I had the day off today from school I made it my mission to record some of the 45s I've been ignoring for so long. There has been a little kid screaming bloody murder outside today every time anything bothers him, so I needed something to drown out the noise.
Speaking of annoyances, I registered this week for my next-to-last classroom semester. After that, its on to student teaching, and then on to trying to find a school system that will pay off my loans. Strangely enough, metro Nashville will, but metro NYC will not.
So in celebration of my seeing the ending the misery that is "undergrad," heres a few 45s I dug out. I love the sound of a 45, so crunchy and scratchy, over compressed, the fact that its only a song long. Theres some psychedelic crap in here - some of its horrible, some of its entertaining. There are a few spoken word bits, from a depressing insurance sales box set of 45-sized records, a kids science fiction advertising soundsheet. Also a little bit of surf- and let me tell you, having surf and psychedelic stuff on a 45 makes a man feel wealthy- the stuff is getting high prices if Nashville's record shops are any indicator. Mostly the only thing these songs have in common is their relative unpopularity. or sometimes, their stupidity.
I have a handful of 45s of awful country like the piece here that I bought from an entrepreneur at his garage sale outside of Nashville- apparently he used to record and press 45s for individuals who were going to sell them at shows, etc. Whats weird though, is that some of them are from the 1990s- and I have no idea what good a 45 would be then.
Anyway, enjoy another collection of gems scraped out of our culture's audio dumpster.
45s I Have Loved

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