Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Little Music

I've been listening a lot lately, since I haven't really had time to make a lot of music. Working as a technology educator has kept me really happy and busy with computers. Having Victoria home all the time has kind of kept me busy once I get home. So I grabbed a little time yesterday to DJ a quick set of music I have been enjoying. Soulseek has been withering away to nothing lately, and I have been trying to scramble for a way to get access to the kind of music I enjoy in mp3 lately. Torrents are great for more popular acts, but they are pretty void of older material or obscurity. Most of the LP Sharity blogs I was frequenting have either gotten lazy or just faded. It's kind of renewed my drive lately to keep
the sharing alive.
Lately I've also been enjoying KEXP Seattle a little- if you catch the right show, they are great. So I'm kind of facing the problem that a lot of working adults do- I don't have the hours upon hours to sift through records that I used to, and I need a quick easy way to get introduced to lots of music that's new to me.

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