Friday, July 27, 2007

Sound that Can Kill or Cure.

So today I go to my miserable school(MTSU)'s Financial Aid department and find out that I no longer qualify for any financial aid. Great! My reward for making $5K more this year was receiving $5K less in federal education grants. Let me tell you how encouraging that is.
So now I get to finish school with even more debt than I thought I would. So, I've gotta hustle to come up with some extra money to help me with books, tuition, living, etc. this semester. I figured now was as good a time as any to wrap up my record and sell it.
I decided not to get "pro" reproductions done, because literally every single person I know who has done that has been thoroughly burnt by the process and left with 200 copies of their own record under their bed.
So what you'll get is a CDR with a nicely home-printed cover.
14 Tracks, 51:01 long.
I'm selling for $12 shipped to anywhere in the world- right now. If the orders start killing me with shipping to Fiji or something I might have to add something for international buyers.
BUY IT NOW! (click that button to paypal me) Make sure to include your full address(including country) and email in the forms.

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tom said...

Best Deltasleep album yet! Highly recommended :) :) :)