Saturday, April 29, 2006

Recordings of My Supposed Great Uncle

While digging through my desk I bumped into a tape I'd been looking for for ages. This tape was recorded in Blackey, KY (there's a Wiki) in 1979 and features my great uncle, Clyde Caudill. By far my favorite of the songs is "Hitler Called the Devil on the Telephone." All titles are mine, by the way. The tape represents an interesting bit of ephemera, and features two songs written about Blackey itself, one telling the story of how Blackey got burnt down by fire, unincorporated and then reincorporated when someone discovered that the corporation records were stored in Frankfurt Kentucky. Tragically, when Clyde finally gets talking(in true hillbilly fashion it's a depressing speech) in the file I named Epilogue, the tape ends in mid sentence. On the other side someone has recorded a Hank Williams record by setting the tape player up to a speaker. I don't really know if anything was dubbed over on the other side or not. You'll notice in one of the songs you can hear a clock chiming in the background, and its 3 o'clock. Also note you'll have to create a login and pass at, but its quick and easy, doesn't even require an email.
Here they are, in no order:
Hitler Called the Devil on the Telephone
He Was in Heaven
A City Called Heaven
A Rose that Will Never Fade
I Woke Up this Morning
Jesus Walked On this Earth
Untitled Gospel
The Story of Blackey
Also, I've had to scrap hosting at after they inexplicably locked my account and will not respond to my emails. I am using with these files, let me know if you have any problem.

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