Monday, February 06, 2006

So, its the day before Christmas Eve, and my apartment building is on fire while I stand outside in aqua socks and shorts in December. The next day, I call Comcast about my internet access, which has been running slow, and constantly disconnecting.
They offer to send somebody out, but I don't wanna make some poor dude work on Christmas Eve...nor do I want to deal with the quality of work I would recieve from some inept contractor on Christmas Eve.
Now, its February 6th. 6 Technicians and 5 service visits later, my internet is still unbearably slow, I can't play online games, I can't watch a video, nothing!
Here's the laundry list of bull I have been fed:
  • Tech 1: Your "reverse-noise" level is too high! Your signal needs turned down.
  • Tech 2: "I've never heard of 'reverse noise', I think he must have made that up. You must have been moved on a splitter fed to your building, I'll move you down to the two way splitter.
  • Tech 3: Your signal is much too high, it needs stepped down.
  • Tech 4: You have problems because of the cable traps on your line, let me remove them.
note that this tech also told me his name was uhhh John and his number was 169, he also sat down at my computer on a sunday morning and looked at government auctions for impounded cars for like 20 minutes.)
  • Call Center: There is an area wide problem with two towns(the one I'm moving from and the one I'm moving to) It should be resolved.
  • Call Center rep 2: I haven't heard anything about an area outage, I will upgrade you to the 8mbit internet access as a gift. (that was no gift, my bill was $10 higher the next month)

So now its been a month that I've tolerated this complete ineptitude, confusing and misleading lines about what the problem is, lack of professionalism, and general USELESSNESS.

The real problem? They're pretty much the only broadband option in my area!
I hate to give people like this a dime, though. I also hate to feel trapped, the only other real options are satellite and DSL(both of which are almost as miserably useless as this cable company!)
They should fear the day I fidn more options!

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erik said...

crap dude, that's lame. if it's any consolation I spent 6 months with DSL and I liked it fine speed-wise. If it's SBC tho, be sure you won't need any tech support, because you won't get any. I guess that's no improvement over the current situation, just I never had problems with the connection once I got it up and running. :/