Sunday, December 18, 2005

So, my newest record is starting to enter that phase where I can start to feel things gel and develop that environment and character that are conducive to cohesion and finishing. I've been sorting out the 20-30 drafts I have for the record, finalizing and redoing some arrangements. I'm so excited to listen to what I've got so far.
Also finished a real chart topper of a song called "bikini monsters with keytars" which will be album release material only- and it's not often I do that.
I'm gonna get just a couple more songs together.
The album will be in lyrical>instrumental alternating order, and if it ever gets pressed, then A side will be vocal cuts, and b-side is all instrumental.
I just haven't yet figured out how to promote the damned thing though. I know its probably a total waste of time to push it on the electronic community, and that it would probably go over better with rock whom it would seem much more dazzling than it does to the electronic crowd.(sad but true-many rock fans are baffled by bands containing keyboards)
and I am out to DAZZLE.
It may, in some form or another, also include an EP of about 5-10 minutes of original disco I had made for a halloween release but was unable to finish on time.
record's tentative title is:
"The Genius of deltasleep!"

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